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Life’s a journey

At times my wonderful travel guide seems apprehensive about my happiness in my newly adopted old home country.

She’s worried that after a quarter of a century in a place as beautiful as New Zealand I might feel out of sorts, disconnected or amiss being back in Germany.

Quite the opposite is true.

The Germany I’m getting to know is fun, interesting and very livable.

I’ve met nice people, feel connected to my surroundings, enjoy a sense of belonging and appreciate the history and culture of this country.

As a bonus I don’t feel like an immigrant on a daily basis.

No one comments on my funny accent or asks me where I’m from.

I don’t even get to watch the ‚Python’s‘ goose stepping performance, which I’ve seen delivered to me in New Zealand by many friends, acquaintances and strangers.

In New Zealand – after being there for half my life – people still ask „Interesting accent, where’ya from? Traveling around?“.

People are showing interest I guess and that is nice.

But to answer the same questions for so many years is rather confusing and tedious at times.

I have been guessed to be swedish, dutch, south african, polish and even irish (come on you guys, where’s your region and accent awareness – me? irish?)

My standard reply these days is  „Life’s a journey, mate.“ alternated with „We’re all from somewhere, bro.“ .

But these avoidance answers are not needed here.

After all this time I still belong.

I’m not sure what will happen, where I’ll be or how I’ll feel.

Good or bad, one thing’s certain, it’ll all be an adventure.

That is one of the wonderful things about this trip.

And at the end of the journey – in good old Kiwi fashion – she’ll be right, mate.