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Norderney, North Sea, Germany

The weather forecast for Germany was for 38ºC. Crikey!

Somehow the big guy in the sky forgot to turn off the heaters.

Won’t be long before the great Sahara desert shifts north and the age old trees of Europe pull roots to start moving to the arctic circle.

With such a forecast, my wonderful travel guide and I made the spontaneous decision to spent a day on the island of Norderney in the German North Sea.

Fearing it wasn’t an original idea – and that thousands of Germans would be just as original – the alarm went off at 4.30 am.

Within an hour we were watching the sun rise at the local railway station while waiting for our train to the north coast.

My wonderful travel guide – who doesn’t really do heat – put on a brave face and engaging smile.

The wheels never came off, and as we traveled around the island on our borrowed nana-bikes we achieved our aim of finding a nearly deserted beach to laze on.

In the end we got to 37ºC, hot enough on any day.

As a bonus I took the opportunity to start photographing people again.

My wonderful travel guide enjoyed the chance to tell me (not for the first time, and rightly so) what a beautiful country Germany truly is.

That’s a win-win in any language.

With the day slowly drawing to an end I realised that my first ever trip to the German North Sea was such a fun experience I should have done it years ago.