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Android remote controls for Nikon

To all the Nikon users who until now felt a little aggrieved by the absence of a decent Android remote control app for your dSLR cameras…rejoyce.

In recent months two apps have become available through the ‚Google Play‘ market that allow cabled control of most camera settings.

The apps even offer live view.

Both apps rely on the tethering of a mobile phone, or tablet, to your camera via a USB-on-the-go-cable. That is basically a small adapter cable that connects your mobile phone with the USB cable of your camera.

‚dSLR Dashboard v0.26.5 beta‘ is a free app that seems well supported by the developer and is actively progressed towards a full release.

Currently not all advanced functions work and the interface is a bit clumsy.

‚RYC USB Pro‘ is also a beta release and costs less than a cheap bottle of wine.

Not all advanced functions work but the interface is currently a lot more attractive than that of ‚dSLR Dashboard‘.

Both apps seem well liked by the Android user community.

I have used both during recent excursions and have managed to maximise image sharpness by not touching my camera before exposures.

With my longer lens it makes a significant difference.

I use it for landscape photography in conjunction with delayed exposures.

This flicks the mirror out of the way and any vibrations dissipate before exposure.

Check it out. A cheap alternative to the very pricey Nikon remote options.