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Portrait photography is story telling in a visible format

For me, a good portrait tells a story that gives an inside into the characters and relationships of the people in front of me.

The portrait subjects need to have the freedom to express themselves in front of the camera.

Generally, I give basic posing instructions and then let people have the space to be natural.

The best scenario is when people forget that I’m there, or when they forget that they are being photographed.

To me that is when the magic of a portrait happens and when people reveal themselves, even though the camera is near by.

The story of this family needed several frames to capture some of the facets that make them special.

It’s a story of happiness, love and pride:


Helen, Sarah & Tom by Arno Wirtz Fotografie | copyright © Arno Wirtz 2014
Helen, Sarah & Tom | Muensterland, Sept. 2014