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Getting back to enjoying the small things

Over the years I’ve done less and less close-up photography. Having spent many years photographing for advertising agencies and doing product photography, bending over a tripod and studying the fine details was daily practice. Then I worked at a polytechnic and my tasks as programme leader and lecturer didn’t leave time for photographic disciplines that weren’t closely aligned to my teaching practise.

Hence it was quite enjoyable to once again look at the small things and to spent a bit of time shifting a tripod by fractions of a millimeter. Then watching how the scene keeps drifting out of focus with the slightest puff of air.

It’s really quite amazing how such a filigran construction as a spider web can withstand the weather and wind for days, when even the apples get blown of the trees.

I can only give my respect to the spider who made this beautiful home (sadly he/she/it wasn’t home at the time of my visit).

Spider web with morning dew | copyright © Arno Wirtz 2014
Spider web with morning dew