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Personal Project 3 – Germany

After a seemingly short summer Autumn has arrived in Germany.

With it came a distinct change in the light.

The sun is lower, shadows longer, and there is often fog in the air and on the ground.

To that is added the slightly warmer colour of the light and together the mix creates a distinct atmosphere and softness.

The fog and haze also create beautiful streaks of light when photographing straight into the sun.

It’s often a case of picking the right lens for this kind of light, but luckily I own one lens which just seems to love these atmospheric conditions.

It’s difficult to actually say which time of year I prefer for my photography.

Autumn though is one of the best times to be out and roaming the landscapes with my camera.

Lueneburger Heide near Niederhaverbeck, Germany
Lueneburger Heide near Niederhaverbeck, Germany