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Spammers are random – and so is this post

I’ve been spammed. I’m vaguely annoyed as I got spammed repeatedly and I don’t like it.

I should be grateful, as I’m certain that spammers are part of the few bothering to visit my blog.

There’s my long suffering sister of course, an interesting but slightly potty woman living in northern Kazakhstan, and a guy claiming to be an inuit sitting in an igloo somewhere north of the arctic circle. That’s it, but it’s good – start small, think big.

My sis and the woman in northern Kazakhstan are genuine, they’re true-heart  followers.

But I have my doubts about the inuit. In recent emails he called me a geezer and Google Analytics places him somewhere in Greater Manchester. He also claims to use an antenna made of reindeer antlers (ok…possible) and that my blog gets rain fade during adverse weather.

I know the world’s moved on, but that’s rather intricate technical knowledge for a guy who should be spending most of his time worrying about global warming. For all I know he could be King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, tired of ruling the masses and dreaming of a simpler lifestyle. On the web you can be anyone. But anyway, I have my suspicions, I think he’s kidding me. It’s Wayne Rooney, I know it is.

I have a friend who, like King Abdullah, needs a change. She too is busy and life is always complicated. She’s ready to move to the Antarctic to spend a winter meditating with the penguins. She needs a break, but penguins?…they have their own stresses. Maybe her and inuit should meet and walk into the sunshine.

Anyway, as I was saying, there’s futures at stake.

So, spammers, I’ve got my readers, now please go and hassle someone else for a while. Better still, go and get a job, like the rest of us.