The puzzling thing about expressions

I am the curious type.

One of the things that often arouse my interest when photographing portraits is people’s ability to use facial expressions for communication.

How do we do it? The range of expressions we have at a very early age is amazing. Yes, I know, I’m easily amused. But are we hard-wired or do we learn to communicate like this before our language develops? Nature vs nurture? I think it’s fascinating how we manage to convey thoughts and feelings prior to learning words. Anyway, if there’s a behavioural scientist or developmental psychologist reading this maybe you can comment.

Now look at her please. She’ll be a philosopher when she grows up, a think tank strategist, the leader of the skeptics society or Wonder Woman getting ready to straighten out some unsuspecting guys head.

And all that hard thinking and gesticulating is quite hard work. So let’s have a nap and call this photo shoot a wrap.

But what is she really thinking?

„Go the All Blacks!“

„Same lunch?…again?!“

„Not to put a finer point on it mister but you had your chance and time’s up.“

Emily, Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you Ma & Pa for allowing images that are a bit on the outer edge of the norm.

And thank you wee girl for making my day.