You are such a baby…

…and of course she is. It’s gorgeous little Mae, well on her journey to growing up.

She’s pictured here during one of her first milestones. A wonderful naming ceremony with mum and dad, brother Luke, grandmas and grandpops and others who will fill her life with love and laughter.

It was such a beautiful day, in a special setting where a part of Mae will always be.

Weehoo, go Mae go…

Mae's Naming Ceremony, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand
Mae’s Naming Ceremony, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand.



2 Idee über “You are such a baby…

  1. Janet joyce sagt:

    I was there! And it was a seriously amazingly beautiful and relaxed family celebration. Your photography captures its essence and reminds me how lucky we are to have some cherished – shared memories, eyes to see and hearts to love. Sounding more than a little corny, but still, true.

  2. Arno Wirtz sagt:

    Yes you were…and yes it was beautiful. Nice to hear from you JJ. How’s the traveling? Isn’t it a beautiful world out there? Is China still on the itinerary?

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