The people we meet

When traveling I often meet people that are beautiful (on the inside I mean).

Then there’s the type that’s hard to figure.

And then there’s the somewhat bizarre variety.

I’ve got a picture of the somewhat bizarre variety that I’ve been itching to publish.

But I might not ever do so as one of the people in the photograph can be identified.

It’s a picture of a group of nudist bathers at a remote lake in a remote part of Germany.

Clearly, conservative New Zealand got to me and I found the complete nakedness and banal conversations between strangers very surreal.

I didn’t join in stripping of my undies.

It all seemed like a scene in a movie and the final impression was rather comical.

It could have been a mikey take of the Germans by the ‚Pythons‘.

It wasn’t the nakedness that was bizarre, I’ve seen this kind of behaviour before in other countries.

It was a small collection of mixed-age Germans that kept singing ‚Hallelujah‘.

Across the lake drifted religious chants by this group of completely naked people who were waving their arms at the sun.

And that I have a picture of.

It appeared that to all the other naked Germans around the lake it all seemed very normal.

What God was thinking I don’t know.

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