Confucius say: Seek and you will find

Just fibbing, wasn’t Confucius, was the Germans (after someone in the bible came up with the line some time ago) trying to find a deserted beach on a 38ºC Sunday.

Close friends say: No deserted beaches in Germany.

Wonderful travel guide say: Rubbish!

I say: Let’s seek and we will find.

Wonderful travel guide say: OK.

I say (later): Well Done!

Wonderful travel guide say: No trouble!

Close friends say: nothing

I say: Less people than on a midsummer’s day on New Brighton Beach.

Wonderful travel guide say: If you say so.

I say: Any idea why we talk like this?

Wonderful travel guide say: ‚Cause it’s rather hot and steam from tea is rising to my head.

I say: Good on you for drinking boiling hot tea on a day like this.

Wonderful travel guide say: If you say so.

I say: nothing

Confucius say: Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Norderney, North Sea, Germany
A nearly deserted beach on a 37ºC day on Norderney in northern Germany.



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