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Personal Project 3 – Germany

In early August there’s a rapid change in the light here in Germany. Until then there’s a feeling of summer. The days are long and the light has a clean quality. Then over two weeks the days become rapidly shorter. This doesn’t seem to happen gradually but surprisingly sudden. It’s as if the Earth tilts and with that the light takes on a new quality. Now, well into September, we’re getting the autumn light and the quality is softer, warmer and in a way cosier then just five weeks ago.

I love the painterly quality this gives the landscape. Together with the fog that now seems to be around most mornings, the warmer light creates a very intimate atmosphere. It’s as if you could touch the light, as if it’s organic and should have some haptic.

Of course it doesn’t have that. Nevertheless, the light now gives the landscape texture that in summer is rarely there.

Sunrise in Billerbeck, Muensterland, Germany by copyright © Arno Wirtz 2014
Sunrise in Billerbeck, Muensterland, Germany
Morning light in Darfeld, Muensterland, Germany by copyright © Arno Wirtz 2014
Morning light in Darfeld, Muensterland, Germany

Ausstellung in Bad Meinberg kommt gut an

Meine Ausstellung mit dem Titel „Bäume“ ist nun seit dem 15. August in Bad Meinberg zu besichtigen.

Das Feedback war bis jetzt sehr gut.

Ein erfreulich positiver Artikel erschien letzte Woche in der Lippische Landes-Zeitung (http://www.lz.de).

Das folgende Bild wurde bei Frau Brockmann von der Lippischen Landes-Zeitung gemacht und anschliessend im oben erwaehnten Artikel veroeffentlicht.

Der laengere Artikel erschien in Druck, aber der Anfang kann auch auf der Webseite der Zeitung gelesen werden.

Arno Wirtz bei seiner Ausstellung in Bad Meinberg
Arno Wirtz bei seiner Ausstellung in Bad Meinberg

Die ausgestellten Bilder:

Neue Ausstellung vom 15.08 – 14.09.2014 in Bad Meinberg

Meine dritte Ausstellung findet vom 15. August – 14. September 2014 in Horn-Bad Meinberg statt.

Die Ausstellung trägt den Titel „Bäume“ und zeigt eine Kollektion von 12 Fotografien die ich in den letzten  zwei Jahren in Deutschland gemacht habe.

Die Ausstellung kann im Foyer der Bad Meinberger Kurverwaltung eintrittsfrei besichtigt werden.



Parkstrasse 17

32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg



Mo – Fr 9.00 – 12.00 Uhr

Mo, Di, Do 14.00 – 16.00 Uhr



Ausstellung: „Bäume“

Personal Project 3 – Germany

Summer has finally arrived, with temperatures in the 30+ degrees and some great opportunities to do evening photography between thunderstorms.

The Muensterland is famous for the many cyclists that get out and about at every opportunity.

With the stifling heat, high humidity and hardly a wisp of air, cycling is at times the only way to get the air flowing and to feel a little bit refreshed.

In any case, it’s fun and zooming about on the bikes is a good way to get to know the area better.

Cyclist during a summer sunset in the Muensterland, Germany | by copyright © Arno Wirtz
My Wonderful Travel Guide doing her favourite thing during a summer sunset in the Muensterland, Germany

Continuation of a Project I started in New Zealand – Portraits

I’ve started doing portraits again.

Actually, portraits are one of my great passions in photography.

Anyhow, since arriving back in Germany nearly two years ago, formal portraiture hasn’t been something I’ve done a lot of.

Now that I’m settled, I’m starting again and I’m loving it.

Hanna in Bonn:

Hanna, Bonn, Germany/2014 by ©copyright Arno Wirtz
Hanna, Bonn, Germany/2014

My Bad Driburg exhibition is now closed

After 6 months (including a 3 month extension) my Bad Driburg exhibition is now closed.

Framed and unframed prints can still be purchased by contacting me through the ‚Contact‘ page on this website.

Many thanks to all who went to see the exhibition, purchased prints, or gave feedback on my work.