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My Bad Driburg exhibition is now closed

After 6 months (including a 3 month extension) my Bad Driburg exhibition is now closed.

Framed and unframed prints can still be purchased by contacting me through the ‚Contact‘ page on this website.

Many thanks to all who went to see the exhibition, purchased prints, or gave feedback on my work.

My latest exhibition is now open in Coesfeld, Germany

Some time ago I was offered an exhibition at the ‚ZfO-Zentrum fuer Osteopathie‘ (Centre for Osteopathy) in Coesfeld, Germany.

This exhibition is now open and will be seen by the many clients and patients that go there on a weekly basis.

The central theme of the exhibition is ‚Lebensfreude‘, the German word for ‚love of life‘.

Most of the images are of people, photographed in various situations in Germany and New Zealand.

Currently there are 6 images, with further images in post-production.

The exhibition will become permanent as 4 of the first 6 images have already been sold – plus one gifted – to the centre.

Here are the first 6 images of the series:

Carol, Zulu & Sam, Port Hills, Lyttleton, New Zealand / by © Arno Wirtz 2010
Carol, Zulu & Sam, Port Hills, Lyttleton, New Zealand
Stralsund, Baltic Sea, Germany / by © Arno Wirtz 2012
Stralsund, Baltic Sea, Germany
Moeraki, North Otago, New Zealand  / by © Arno Wirtz 2013
Moeraki, North Otago, New Zealand
Langeoog, North Sea, Germany / by © Arno Wirtz 2013
Langeoog, North Sea, Germany
Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay, New Zealand / by © Arno Wirtz 2010
Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay, New Zealand
Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Harz, Germany / by © Arno Wirtz 2013
Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Harz, Germany

Article regarding my exhibition ‚zu Hause at home‘ in Bad Driburg, Germany

This recent article regarding my exhibition was published in ‚Deutschland Today‘ and several other regional newspapers in the Bad Driburg, Hoexter and Warburg areas:

Review of the Arno Wirtz exhibition 'zu Hause at home' published in 'Deutschland Today'
Article regarding my exhibition ‚zu Hause at home‘ as published in ‚Deutschland Today‘



Exhibition now open (18. July – 31.October 2013)

After three months of planning, photographing, post-producing and framing, my first German exhibition of 11, A2 size, Giclée photographs has opened in Bad Driburg, Germany.

I’d like to thank the fantastic people of the ‚Katholische Hospitalvereinigung Weser-Egge‘ for the co-operation and help in making the exhibition come together.

Special mention go to Herr Spieß (CEO/Geschaeftsleitung), Herr Dr. med. Marcus Ruebsam (Medical Director/Aerztlicher Direktor), Herr Schmale (Head of Administration/Verwaltungsleiter) und Herr Zug (Technical department/Techniker).

Not only does the exhibition look great on the walls, it was immensely satisfying to work with above mentioned people.

The exhibition can be viewed at the St. Josef Hospital, Elmarstrasse 38, 33014 Bad Driburg, Germany.

All prints are for sale at €299 (+ freight) for framed prints, and €199 (+ freight) for prints only.

I only use archival printing materials and framing methods, so all prints are produced and mounted using conservation quality materials, processes and methods.

Orders can be placed by sending a message from my ‚Kontakt‘ page, or by filling in the available order form at the hospital and mailing it to me.

Alternatively, you can download the order form from the link below:

Order Form / Bestellform

Download instructions:

1) Right-click the download link, then click ‚Save Link As‘.

You will be prompted to choose a download location on your computer (such as your desktop or ‚Downloads‘ folder). Click ‚Save‘ and the file will be downloaded to your chosen location.


2) Click the download link. This will open the file in your browser. From there you can save the file to your chosen location on your computer.

To order you will need to open the downloaded ‚Order Form / Bestellform‘ file in ‚Adobe Reader‘ (or equivalent), fill it in and email it back to me.